" Empowerment Through Art"
Who we are!

TEARS programs strive towards improving the living standards through behavior change communication and skills building of the underserved populations in informal and low income settlement to independently address their challenges in a non confrontational approach..
What We Do!

The community represents an entry point to understanding the issues that is top in the agenda of a given area. TEARS through the community theatre approach and peer led participatory approaches is able to stimulate discussion and engage the community through its outreach programs to start discourse geared towards solving the issues at hand
Where we Work!

TEARS recognizes the high level of poverty in low incomes and informal settlements that has accelerates high level of stigma & discrimination, social cultural practices, religious belief & practices, low level & quality of education as key factors determining behavior change process .

Core Values

> Respect of the Artist as a change agent
Exercise of team spirit
Quality of service
Accountability to all stake holders
> Recognition of Individuals and institutional
   potential to make positive contribution
Our Vision

A Future where all Kenyans Youth live a healthy empowered and independent life.
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Mission Statement

To Stimulate awareness and involvement of all key stakeholders in creating sustainable solutions for youths challenges at both the individual and at the institutional level.
Currently TEARS has secured some grant to support the enterprise development projects among other economic empowerment programs to enable the youth  start up their business ventures. Through this grants and other networks resources the organisation has been able to reach the youth in the community through outreaches and community mobilaization drives, the Organization in the past won the HP Award for Centers of Excellence (COE),through a research and survey done by EDC under USAID EQUIP Three that was done in 2012. This grant enabled us to open a new bigger center for HP LIFE training to accommodate more trainees into the program. The center is referred as the Business Resource Center (BRC).Its in this center that the youth have access to mentorship sessions,enterprenuership skill training,business couching among others.
TEARS Group Kenya is a local youth led non-profit Organization based in Nakuru and operates within Rift Valley and parts of Kenya with collaborative partners. Initiated in 2002 by a team of young performing artist. Currently, TEARS has transformed from a community based cultural group to a local NGO with focus to behavioral change/change of mindset of the targeted population and facilitation of meaningful alternative skills for self reliance and good citizenship.
TEARS: Theatre for Enhancement & Acceleration of Researched Solutions uses the genre of theatre and peer led participatory approaches such as performing arts, visual arts, focus group discussion, peer education among others to assist the communities to dialogue and discuss various social-cultural, health and economic issues affecting them. These approaches seek to bring various communities to a safe space for dialogue and discussion and eventually seeking locally owned solution. The Organization is convinced that dialogue forums and discussions provide the platform for reflections and self assessment of the current state and desired change.